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Women's Self-Love Retreat


Self Love Retreat

"This experience has had such an amazing impact on my life, thank you Emma. I arrived in physical pain & desperate for some 'time out'. Firstly your delicious raw food and detoxing juices/smoothies were so delicious.You have inspired me in so many ways, you have not only changed my life but also my thinking, you are a strong, beautiful & honest woman & so caring, I've enjoyed our conversations out in nature & loved having space to myself to read & walk in the beautiful grounds/surroundings , watching your resident squirrels! the treatments were out of this world, everything we did felt so aligned & relevant to me and my life journey. I am truly grateful to have met you, I found you at exactly the right time, you radiate such a light & pure healing energy. You have taught me how to create a better future for myself that I know will help me in all areas of my life especially my relationships with others. I feel joyful, a lightness in mind & body, I feel like new, & so inspired to make changes in my life in simple easy ways . I've fallen back in love with myself & life. This is not an indulgence it's absolutely necessary for every woman's wellbeing - I will be back!"

- Anonymous

What is it?

Nestled away in a lush English village, in this Self-Love Retreat, you'll experience a luxurious, indulgent, all inclusive overnight mid-week retreat dedicated to self-love and self-care. Immerse yourself in the most beautiful surroundings, landscaped gardens, tranquil lakes, canals, woodland, and a healing orchid. This overnight retreat takes your relaxation to the next level! Daily walks connecting to your feminine energy in nature and nourishing your sacral chakra with water elements all around you. A place to truly reconnect with yourself, enjoy some time out, and discover new ways to introduce wellbeing into your every day life. Here you will have a DEEPLY TRANSFORMATIVE WELLNESS experience tailored to your needs; the ultimate mind/body/soul package. Experience deep healing, growth, inner transformation, healing of body image struggles, building of confidence, and learning to love yourself!

This is for you if:

You are struggling with body image

Obsessing over food/calories and your weight

Comparing yourself to others

Listening to an inner voice that says you are not good enough

Suffered a recent relationship breakdown

You run your own wellness business looking after others and need some self-love for YOU

You're a mother who runs a family and is always giving

You feel overwhelmed with life and responsibilities and have lost connection with who you are

What's included:

On arrival you will receive a 'goddess smoothie' and begin with a Crystal chakra or sound healing massage for the ultimate self-love treat. During our time together I will run a self-love workshop including personalized chakra card readings, womb meditations, tree meditations, bespoke NOURISHING women's yoga practice, and so much more! You will have unlimited use of the solo infrared sauna with chromotherapy, we will get creative with a fun homemade chocolate lesson, we can go on adventures together to explore, or you can enjoy alone time and take in the beautiful surroundings whilst reading a book.

I will create a sacred bonding space for us to share, laugh, and connect. You will be served NUTRIENT RICH HIGH VIBRATIONAL FOODS including divine herbal teas, nutritional juices, energising cosmic cacao, moon balance lattes, delicious breakfast, dinner, and healthy plant based food/treats to balance, support, and nourish. Lots of deep beauty sleep/rest awaits! Transform your relationship with food, cultivate self-love and share with me an empowering transformational experience of a lifetime. Feel total confidence inside and out, and love yourself unconditionally. Feel super healthy and vibrant with inspiration to incorporate regular wellbeing rituals into your life forever with balance and ease. Feel refreshed, energised and ready to take on the world! After all, who runs the world? GIRLS!!

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In-person only. 1-2 guests.
Requires a consultation call to make sure we're the right fit! Book your free consult below.

PRICE: £998+

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