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Group Cacao Ceremony


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"Emma's monthly cacao ceremonies provide me with a safe haven, the space she has created is magical, its a space for releasing & a place where I feel valued & connected to myself & makes me feel part of something. Feeling part of a local community with likeminded people is truly uplifting."

"Emma's group cacao ceremonies are such a vibe! For the first time in my life I felt I was surrounded by people with no judgement."

"Emma's cacao ceremonies are exactly what I was looking for, I came away feeling lighter, happy, connected and relaxed."

What is it?

An intimate and magical 3-hour gathering where delicious ceremonial love-infused cacao is served along with homemade raw vegan treats. We have live soulful music and sound bath, along with various meditations and breathwork. I have created this sober experience to support the community of spiritually curious local people and those wanting a sober evening which is uplifting, supportive, and fun! This is an opportunity to connect with and meet likeminded people. This evening is dedicated to all of us coming together to learn, laugh, share, grow, and take a journey with yourself integrating Cacao: the magical, transformational plant medicine.

This is for you if:

You're wanting to find a nourishing night out without alcohol

You're interested in or wanting to further develop spiritual exploration

You're feeling lonely or disconnected

You're wanting to find your conscious tribe

You desire a safe space to discover yourself and allow personal awakening

You have a need to alleviate depression, stress, or high levels of anxiety

The Ceremony Will Consist of:

We will start with an opening gratitude introduction with individual incense and palo santo cleansing.
We will then serve warm and delicious ceremonial cacao made with love.
There will be...
High vibe chanting
Gentle seated yoga stretches and tribal hypnotic arm movements to release any stuck energy
Meditations that could change your life
Poems and inspirational readings to inspire and light up your soul
Raw homemade vegan treats
Sage cleanse and sound journey experience to cleanse, clear, and align the chakras and enhance consciousness
Shamanic releasing fire ceremony (weather dependant)
Live soulful music: heart-warming songs led by spiritually guided musician
Soulful closing ceremony circle

You will leave feeling elevated with an expanded consciousness, connected to yourself and others. You'll be more connected to your intuition and visions and feel recharged, rebalanced and full of energy and love for life!

In-person only. 3 hour Ceremony.

PRICE: £48

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